Kyiv, New Way


Wizoria New Way is a six-plex cinema located on the left bank of the Dnieper, near Kharkivska metro station.

The cozy cinema halls of the Wizoria Kiev cinema have the most modern projection equipment, which include Barco projectors and Dolby Digital audio system.

In addition to the excellent image and sound quality, we made sure that the screen is clearly visible from any point in the hall, so all the rows, without exception, were raised at 1.7 m, and the last rows are equipped with LUX-seats - leather folding chairs of increased comfort.

Guests of Wizoria Kiev cinema can taste the unique popcorn from the popcorn chef and choose from a large selection of flavors for any movie mood!

Poltava, Konkord


Wizoria Koncord is a three-plex cinema in the modern shopping and entertainment center in Poltava – Koncord shopping and entertainment complex.

Many ideas borrowed at the relevant exhibitions in the USA and Europe have been realized at the Wizoria Koncord cinema. Large-format silver-plated screens, projectors from a leading manufacturer with high resolution, latest-generation sound systems and soft ergonomic chairs create ideal conditions for viewing the long-awaited film premieres. By means of it, guests of the Wizoria
Koncord cinema can watch films after worldwide quality standards.
In Wizoria Koncord, we show worldwide film premiers and hold film parties with pre-premiere screenings of the most anticipated films. The modern design of the conference area, popcorn from the popcorn chef and a high level of service comprise the new culture of visiting Wizoria cinemas.

Poltava, Kolos


Wizoria Kolos is a two-plex cinema located in the entertainment complex Kolos.

The Wizoria Kolos cinema offers its guests film viewing on one of the largest screens in the country, the dimensions of which correspond to the dimensions of a four-story building! The cinema hall has a private balcony with a cinema restaurant and LUX-places.

The Wizoria Kolos cinema is the place of the city’s largest cinema events. Here, we hold parties with worldwide films pre-premiere screenings, presentations of Ukrainian films and organize meetings with actors and directors.

Wizoria Kolos presents innovative film screening technologies created by worldwide standards and a high level of service from craft professionals.

Myrgorod, Myr


Wizoria Myrgorod is a two-plex cinema comprising modern 3D-display technologies, comfortable seats, high-quality sound and a high level of service from a professional Wizoria team.

The cinema has a cozy and spacious hall that will delight guests with ergonomic chairs and a huge polarizing screen with a silver coating, which displays a clear and focused image.

We use modern projection equipment with high resolution to display films. The image is developed through the reflected light, which makes it more vivid, contrasting and detailed.

The cinema bar in the lounge offers popcorn prepared by a special popcorn chef. It also features a VR zone with PlayStation game consoles. The friendly professional staff of Wizoria will do everything to make every guest feel at ease in the company of friends.

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