Mother of the Apostles
Mother of the Apostles

Mother of the Apostles

  • Age limits 16+ 16+ Older than 16 years
  • Original name Мати Апостолів
  • Country Ukraine
  • Genre Drama
  • Language Ukrainian
  • Starring Natalia Polovinka, Alexander Pozharsky, Bogdan Benyuk
  • Directed by Zaza Buadze
  • Duration 2:10 / 130 min

Film description

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Mother's love is immeasurable. When her son is in danger, she rushes to his aid. For the sake of saving a child, she is capable of anything, even going through the hell of war. When Sofia learns that her son's plane has been shot down, she does not hesitate to go in search of him. But no one knows where her son is, whether he survived or whether he was taken prisoner. For his salvation, the woman will have to desperately go through dangerous trials, hostile hatred and threats. She has no idea what she is capable of, how this horrible journey will change her, which will turn her from an ordinary person into a great Mother, who with her immeasurable motherly heart and love is able to save even the abysses of the souls of enemies.

Release 3 December

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