• Age limits 0+ 0+ Without age limits
  • Original name UKE
  • Country Ukraine, USA, Canada, Belarus
  • Genre Documentary
  • Language Ukrainian
  • Directed by Volodymyr Mula
  • Duration 1:30 / 90 min

Film description

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Their stories are exciting and motivating! Because of despair and pain for success, because of freedom and the desire to win to triumph - their names are forever inscribed in the history of the most famous hockey league - NHL. Ivan Gretsky, Orest Kindrachuk, Eric Nesterenko, Ivan Butsyk, Ruslan Fedotenko and many others, who in different eras gained world fame overseas. Incredible stories of NHL legends, whose example inspires the world! It is time to be proud of them in their native land - in Ukraine. YUKI - real stories of victories of free Ukrainians!

Release 3 December

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