• Age limits 16+ 16+ Older than 16 years
  • Original name Патерн
  • Country Ukraine
  • Genre Thriller, Detective genre
  • Language Ukrainian
  • Starring Taras Benyuk, Anna Andrusyshyn, Volodymyr Tafiychuk, Iryna Beniuk
  • Directed by Taras Benyuk
  • Script Taras Benyuk, Volodymyr Yeshkilev
  • Duration 1:26 / 86 min

Film description

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The reality show «I'm Jealous» is being filmed at the TV studio. The management of the channel that ordered the show is not satisfied with the ratings and insists on increasing the degree of provocation. The producer of the show Anton demands from the participants to act out scenes of jealousy «on the verge of a foul». On the set, the situation is spiraling out of control. The administrative group of the show is involved in uncontrolled «games of jealousy», which makes Anton suspect: the show has a background, «invisible script» - «Show about filming the show», which is designed for elite consumers of closed sites.

Release 29 September

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